27 May

Old vs. new

The old picture of a spiritual master is one of an Indian guru that meditates several hours a day in the lotus position, gives endless teaching classes / gatherings / sermons / lectures.

He has followers worshipping him and washing his feet, doing everything for him. He does not work himself, doesn’t earn a living through a 9-5 job. Does not earn his own money and certainly doesn’t even pay his own bills!

He spends most of his time out of body communing with the Divine. Then levitating in meditation and probably bilocating 50% of the time.

This individual, however wise, does not use a grounding cord.

Nowadays there is a new picture emerging and starting to find shelter and nurturing in people’s hearts. The picture that says: you are your own guru.

People no longer look to some wise guy who knows it all, instead they look within. They look for their own answers.

The moment you decide that your own answers are valuable and that you can have your own answers just like those gurus, you will have taken back your power to know for yourself. You will have owned your Crown chakra for yourself.

Owning your Crown means that now You get to be the boss, the king or the queen in your life. That it is your truth, your energy that gets to set the tone for your day.

So these days I’m seeing a whole new kind of spiritual master emerging. One who is grounded, honors and nurtures one’s own connection with the Supreme Being. One who does not depend on others for direction or answers. One who doesn’t need to lean on anyone since he owns what is his. He doesn’t need an entourage to feel important.

This person pays his own bills. Uses discount coupons in shops. He takes pleasure from being in body.

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

photo: www.facebook.com / Flower Story’s album Tree Story

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