12 May

How do you choose to grow?

In every moment of your life, you are always presented with the simple choice: how do you choose to grow? 

Through joy or through pain?

The choice is yours.

Old ideas of spirituality, imprinted to us through various religions, have us believe that it’s ‘more spiritual’ to choose pain. That we have to go through some sort of ‘testing’ and ‘hellfire’ in order to become enlightened. That spiritual growth definitely means pain.

That is, of course, utter nonsense. There is no such thing as ‘more spiritual’. Either way you choose to go, you are still a spirit on a human path. If you choose pain, then that is what you will have.

Pain may be involved and often is. But it is not essential. It does not have to be there and it does not have to be held on to. In fact, it is the release of heaviness that becomes ‘en-light-en-ment’. The incredible tool of grounding facilitates the release of any energy that we do not want or need to carry along.

For the more psychic / sensitive among us, it can be far too easy to become a container for not just one’s own pain, but also for others. Because one is so sensitive, one often sees and feels all the pain around everywhere. This can be very uncomfortable, so one may want to try and fix this through taking on everything one sees.

That is what I call ‘unconscious healing’ – carrying around other people’s heavy stuff. From an early age one may have been a healer and never received any validation for it. From an early age this person may have believed that he is responsible for all the crap he sees and feels. This is the primary cause for low self-esteem.

It is everyone’s personal responsibility to take care of one’s own space and energy – not that of others!

It is your only responsibility to validate and love yourself. To value your own energy. This way it will be easier to create a healthier image of yourself and to begin to have a higher self-esteem.

On the contrary to the popular belief, spirit is actually the stuff that pure joy is made out of. The more of your own unique spirit you can have in this body here and now – the more joy you can have. This is the recipe for inner peace.

Having your own unique spirit literally means creating and carving your own path based on your own Truth, your own unique desires, wants and needs. It means following what makes you happy, what brings you joy and fires up your enthusiasm. Note: this takes some courage as it does not mean living up to other people’s expectations or playing it safe.

When presented with that choice, joy or pain, I know what I will choose over and over again!

What will you choose?

© EssenceJoy Clairvoyance 2013

photo: ‘forest floor’ / www.facebook.com / page: Flower Story

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