16 Apr

The notion of psychic protection and why I don’t

A rather central theme in the present day psychic and especially New Age community is the notion of ‘psychic protection’.

Wanting to have safety and security in and of itself is not an issue – you’ve got to protect what is yours and sacred to you.

The issue is the underlying fear that is accompanied along with the need to feel protected.

In the New Age community ‘shielding’ is being used. Looking more closely at that, one will find that what is truly being shielded is one’s own vulnerability.

I dare to venture out and say that the belief in one’s vulnerability could do with an update!

Have ever you considered that in reality all beings are already safe, already loved and truly that . . . there is absolutely nothing to fear?

Well, let me tell you: it is your beliefs that create your experience.

Personally, I’d go right ahead and throw away any belief that contains fear in it. Simply because fear belongs to the ego, while love is the truth of the spirit.

And by the way, white light protection doesn’t just protect you from so-called ‘attacks’, but also from receiving and giving love. And I would certainly not even use white anywhere in my energy field if I wanted to remain grounded in my body!

When I realized that the habit of shielding or protecting myself came from outdated fears and a belief in a hostile Universe and released it . . . a new life began. You can be sure I got my spontaneous laughter back. I realized all is well and that I am safe no matter what.

I wouldn’t use the word ‘protection’, however, there are ways to create boundaries with the not-so-good kind of stuff. That is what we need: boundaries.

In life we have the good stuff and the not-so-good stuff. It’s our responsibility to take ownership of our spaces, to own what we ourselves have agreed to let in and then go on to create better boundaries with what we do not want to let in again. Period. No fear, no protection – just clarity and awareness of what you really want to experience.

When you are clear about what you want and have clarified your energy – that is what you will create.

The tools to create more clarity with are: meditation, grounding, circulating energies, making separations, using energy work to visualize what you want.

These are all wonderful tools, which I teach and share in my meditation classes. If you wish to learn to control your sensitivities or simply to become better acquainted with your energy – this is the space for you. You are invited to join my meditation classes or sign up for intuitive training.

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