17 Jan

A clairvoyant talks about energy

There is a lot of discussion on energy, but what is it really?

I will not attempt to explain or prove it here. I am not into that – this is not that kind of blog. Rather, I will share my views or my own Truth on how I see energy.

Everything is energy.

There is low vibrational energy, high vibrational energy and all that in-between. Your spirit is high vibrational energy and your body is lower vibration. It is the spirit that drives the body and it is the spirit that needs to heal first. Healing is done via energy work.

Any and all issues / illness can be healed by accessing them at the core or at the energy level. This is the secret of wellness: you heal your issues in essence first, then your essence / spirit can heal your body.

As a clairvoyant I see energy. In fact, everyone can. Only difference is that as a trained clairvoyant, I have learned to validate it for myself – most people have not. Then there are those who are more skilled at knowing, feeling or sensing energy. There are lots of different ways.

Being able to see energy, I have also learned to direct energy or ‘work it’. This is actually very easy and simple.

The primary law of energy work is this: energy flows where intention goes.

That’s all. Again, I don’t know what the scientific explanations to this are, but I have experienced the truth of this for myself through having worked with hundreds of clients.

As a healer I never direct energy in my client’s space without his / her permission first. So in a way, I’m not really the healer – it is the spirit of my client who does the healing. As a clairvoyant I just say hello to wherever I see blockages in the client’s energy field and watch as these begin to heal by themselves. Always healing as much as they’re comfortable with at the time.

I see energy in pictures, images, shapes, symbols and color and that is where I receive my clues on what is really going on. Darker colors indicate heaviness / stuckness of some kind and lighter colors indicate wellness. The body welcomes clear and light shades, but never the darker ones. The energies of pain / invalidation and punishment show up in very dark shades and black. This is the energy that pushes one’s spirit out of body. As a healer I say hello to that in my client’s energy field and it all begins to heal itself. At this point many old issues can resurface, so your allies here are non-resistance and a good dose of amusement.

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2 thoughts on “A clairvoyant talks about energy

  1. Good points! I too have noticed that the darker energies usually do indicate trouble or blockage of some kind. Oftentimes it does seem that just pointing this out to the client allows them to begin working on and shifting those energies to a more positive place. I love that. Sometimes all people need is to be SEEN. Then they know what to do after that. They already knew, in fact – they just needed someone to tell them it’s okay to be whole. 🙂

    1. Yes- isn’t it magical? I feel so blessed to see into my clients’ personal Universes. It is a truly holy encounter every time.

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