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The art of being in the body

At the center of the work that I do as a clairvoyant and healer is the premise that there is a natural body and there is a spiritual body.

Both the natural body and the spiritual body have wonderful self-healing capability, but every now and then, can benefit from some outside help.

Spirit seeks life experience and like a musical instrument, can sometimes go out of tune. It is the spirit that heals the body.

In my reading and healing sessions I say hello to your spirit, which will then begin to heal itself. This is the magic of being seen: more often than not, a simple spiritual hello really is all that is needed for healing. This hello is what restores your essence joy – the joy of your spirit to be in a body.

Spirit is of a higher vibration and already having heck of a good time. The physical body, on the other hand, is an elemental and belongs to the Earth. I sometimes amusingly imagine myself as a playful elf, which reminds me of my body’s elemental nature.

The body is driven by the energy or ‘fuel’ that goes into it. So what is the fuel you fill up with? Is it you / your own truth – or do you fill up with whatever comes your way?

Hint: your body’s preferred fuel is the energy of your own unique spirit.

Being in body isn’t always easy and the common response to that is escape: going unconscious or ‘out of body’. A clairvoyant literally sees you as a spirit hanging outside of your body where a part of it has not been owned.

So that is also what a spiritual hello does: it aligns you, the spirit, with your body and brings you back into it.

Not owning your body and aura, you will more easily attract other people’s problems into your space. Someone else’s energy in your space is often not well received by your body, so you may experience pain, invalidation, discomfort, tiredness, depression, lack of enthusiasm, etc.

Rule of thumb: if it does not feel good, it is not yours.

Giving up space to foreign energy is the same as giving away your Seniority. That is, giving away your right to be the sole occupant in your space.

When you do finally decide to reclaim your Seniority and occupy your space with you / your truth / your energy – your body no longer acts as the container for other people’s issues. Now they have to go solve their own problems.

Being in body is a terribly selfish and indulgent act indeed.

You bring yourself back into body by calling back your energy from wherever it may have scattered around to. You may like to use the Golden Sun method included at the end of this post.

The body is a creature of comfort and responds really well to being listened to and treated with respect. It welcomes all kinds of physical comfort, rest, playtime, healthy food, exercise, time in nature and most of all: your own energy or your presence.

A good space to connect with your body and start hearing its wisdom is grounded meditation. When you do create some quiet reflection time for yourself, try also giving yourself a grounding cord. Grounding is the ultimate self-healing tool! You can release down to the Earth anything that is not you. See how good it feels!

A good way to test how much ownership you have claimed of your body is to go out into a crowded place. If you are grounded, you’ll feel fine. If you are not grounded – you’ll feel ‘sensitive’ or ‘out of sorts’, because your body is absorbing all the energies from around you.

Meditation Technique

To call back your energy simply see a beautiful bright Golden Sun above your head. Place a good old-fashioned large magnet inside and write your full name below it. Then postulate that this magnet has the ability to draw back all of your energy from wherever it may have spread out to. You may notice your energy being called back from your projects, job; situations where you were perhaps having to explain or defend yourself; where you were fixing something for someone or rescuing someone; the past or the future. See all of your energy collecting up into that beautiful Golden Sun. If you see any foreign energy coming along too, then intend that the Golden Sun is only neutral to your energy and will burn off anything that is not yours. When you are ready, simply watch as your energy pours back into your body via your Crown chakra. See your body being filled up with You again. If there is anything in your body and aura that is not ‘you’, command it to go down the grounding cord – the Earth will recycle that energy back to their owners.

When you are done with the Gold Sun, destroy the magnet and your name inside it and simply watch it float off into space. Don’t worry – it will be available to you again when you need it next time!

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Photo: ‘Feet on the ground’ / Janno Õnneleid

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