15 Nov

Treat yourself to something special: 12 gift ideas for a joyous festive season

Wow, it’s mid-November already and Christmas will be here sooner than we realize.

Time is marching on, but what a year it’s been! I am so grateful for all the wonderful manifestations that came to be for me this year. I’m sure many who are reading this have had an equally amazing time.

The end of the year holiday season is without a doubt one of the most magical and wonderful times. We are all so busy buying each other gifts, writing cards, planning Christmas dinners and so much more. How exciting! But there’s a flip-side to this coin: if we are not careful, we can end up burnt out by the time of Christmas itself. So it’s a good idea to find ways to manage energy without ending up completely drained on the other side of it.

Here’s my suggestion: 12 gifts to give to yourself this festive season. And the best part is – these ones keep on giving . . .

1. Meditate. When you create some quiet, still space for yourself to recharge, you are investing into everything else in a big way. You will return to you activities with more clarity and a sense of calm. And you will be a joy for others to be around, too. How’s that for a gift!

2. Give yourself permission to slow down, rest, enjoy and to let go. When we get into the activity of things, it can be quite hard to stop, look and listen again. There seems to be a constant inner push to keep going. The collective energy is contributing heavily here, so have enough respect for yourself to realize that you can stop and rest. Whenever.

3. Throw out the perfect picture of what the festive season is supposed to be like. This is one of the worst energy-drains: trying to constantly live up to some ideal of how it’s all supposed to be. And then getting all emotional and messed-up if something does not fit the perfect picture. Just let it all be whatever it wants to be.

4. Use grounding. Using a simple visualization, you can send any excess energy down the grounding cord. There is no need to carry it all around with you. Read this on how to ground. You can send any worries and concerns that are not yours down to the Earth, she will gladly neutralize and recycle those energies.

5. Delegate. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Give some of your unresolved cares / worries / concerns over to the Supreme Being. And trust that all is unfolding as it’s supposed to be. Have patience and trust that your mock-ups (or prayers) will manifest, when the time is right.

6. Smile. Go on – try it right now. See how good it feels. I advise visualizing a rose, then asking that rose to show a colour for the energy of your Amusement. Even just doing that is enough to get Amusement running in your energy field.

7. Say hello. I mean really: say hello to people. Even those you don’t normally say hello to. You are healing both yourself and others in a huge way, when you do this. If you accompany your hello also with a warm smile – you may be changing someone’s life. A warm smile and a look in the eyes that says ‘I see you – and I like you’ is tremendously healing. Consider giving that gift this festive season.

8. Forgive. The energy of forgiveness is essential to lightening your load. When you forgive, you stop running the toxic energy of unforgiveness in your space. You radiate spiritual power. That power is the secret to manifesting more of what you wish into your life.

9. Sing and dance. Seriously, just use any opportunity to sing and dance either by yourself or with others. This creates amusement and a sense of well-being. Again, vibrations that are sorely needed and welcomed by many at this time.

10. Ground out effort and resistance. Speaks for itself. Why do you need to carry such stuck energies around with you? You don’t! Send them down the grounding cord and allow life to be easy.

11. Treat yourself kindly and gently. You’ve been doing this for others, perhaps it’s time to start being kind to yourself, too? Really.

12. Treat yourself indulgently. You were born a star. When you are at peace, cared for and nurtured – you radiate and shine a bright light for all to bask in. So go ahead, be the star that you are and treat yourself this festive season. And I mean: eat that cake without guilt! Buy those shoes and wrap them beautifully with glitter and a bow. Buy whatever it is that you know will make you feel good. Perhaps you will consider getting an indulgent aura reading or a clairvoyant reading / healing? When you invest into your well-being, you are vibrationally saying ‘yes’ to abundance, your Havingness gauge is going up and much, much more will flow in as a result. So enjoy.

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