14 Nov

Read before you hire . . .


I am a professional and want to give you the best reading / healing experience you’ve ever had, so there are some important points to take into consideration.

1. What you need for a reading:

  • Clear mind and clear questions. Whether you perceive energy or not or whether you even believe in energy – there is a certain tone of energy you bring with you into the reading. If you are not clear, calm and centered, it will take me longer to get through the fog and to the very core of what you seek. I do not want to waste your time, but if you are not centered and clear, I will have to do that work and this means you will have to occasionally allow me five minutes to run my energies and clear whatever may be blocking clear access to information. Otherwise, if you practice meditating, grounding or some form of centering – I highly recommend doing that before entering into a reading.
  • Patience. Be aware that sometimes the answers can come in symbols that may not be known to me and indeed belong into YOUR subconscious memory bank – and thus can take a little longer to ‘decipher’, as it were.
  • A relaxed and playful attitude. A psychic reading isn’t meant to be a serious space. That’s the space to be creative and have fun, to take things lightly – that’s the whole point of it. So have fun!
  • Open mind. Have no expectations! A psychic reading is led by spirit, which means your ego expectations might not be met, however, your spirit will be very happy about the validation. Also, If you are a sceptic and expect me to ‘prove’ to you that ‘psychic is real’, then you are not open to the information I have to share with you, which makes it difficult to access what you are really seeking. If you want to ‘test the psychic’, then I advise you to go test some other psychic.

2. Before we start:

  • Have your questions ready.
  • Be ready to state your name loud and clear at the start of the session. I need your name to tune into your energy. If I feel unclear for whatever reason in the session, I might ask you to re-state your name to assure that I’m reading YOUR energy and not someone else’s energy in your space.

3. In the session:

  • Sit comfortably in an upright chair (if possible). Keep your feet flat on the floor (to allow in Earth energy / grounding). Keep legs uncrossed.
  • Do not close your eyes or go into trance with me. Otherwise the reading can become muddled / unclear.

4. After the session:

  • I highly recommend taking some time out for yourself, to allow your energy to process the information that has been gained and give your energy plenty of time to adjust. Sometimes you will feel great after a session and other times you can go into growth, so it’s important to have patience with your process. A Clairvoyant reading is as much a reading as it is a healing, which means your energy will go through some sort of adjustment afterwards. It’s a good idea to sit with whatever information has been gained in a reading and give it plenty of time to settle. When you gain new information it starts growth in your energy field. Minimal time for this process could be a week, but it might need up to three months. That is to say, it would not be much use to get another reading immediately after you’ve had one and to ask the same questions again – the answers will not have changed much.

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