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MEI / core and pain pictures

There are individuals, places, situations and even things that give us pain, emotional suffering or discomfort and we work very hard to avoid them.

We adjust our days, to-do-lists and lives around these big “no-no’s” and thus limit ourselves a great deal. These are the things that we are in resistance to.

Of course, who wants to feel those negative emotions? But here’s something to bare in mind: what you resist – persists. When you resist, you actually draw more of the same resistance in.

Some of us have the tools for navigating pain / discomfort or any other experiences we consider somehow negative. While those who don’t can go into survival and react in some instinctive way.

It’s not the pain that is the real problem – it’s the judgement that we have towards it. The judgement keeps us from authentically validating pain and eventually releasing it . . .

At times a person can over-react even though the present-time source of his / her agony may have been entirely innocent and in no way meaning harm. When that happens, one thing is for sure: this person has lost neutrality and is ‘stuck in a picture’ or ‘lit up’.

We all have lifetimes worth of mental emotional image pictures (or MEI pictures). These are bits of energy stored in your body, chakras and aura that hold emotionally charged and possibly traumatic experiences / memories. As a clairvoyant I tend to see these as patchy areas, darker in color and containing images of actual experiences. When these pictures have not been regularly cleared out via circulating energies, they tend to attract more and more similar experiences and eventually become whole clusters of pictures. This is the most common source of deep-seated emotional pain, which can also manifest as physical pain / stuckness.

Core pictures are similar to MEI pictures, only difference being that core pictures were handed to you in the formative years of your current lifetime.

‘Pain picture’ is a general term and can refer to anything in your space that gives you pain. MEI and core pictures can give pain. Stuckness can give pain. Judgment is painful. Foreign energy can be the source of pain. When your reality doesn’t match up to a perfect picture – pain can result.

MEI, core and pain pictures are what shape and limit us. Those are the unconscious road-maps or perhaps even what you can call ‘destiny’. Forming some of those was not entirely up to ourselves, while some of them were.

Note that not all of those pictures are meant to be cleared out – your spirit may want to keep certain MEI pictures for specific experiences . . .

In any case, you could either let yourself be controlled by your pain and discomfort or instead go right ahead and regain your Seniority. The choice really is yours.

The way to deal with these challenging pictures is to overcome avoidance by neutralizing any resistance you may have and letting go of judgment towards your pain. Make friends with your pain – say hello to it! Only by validating it will you be able to release it.

Some of the tools I would recommend for navigating your way through pain are: regular meditation, grounding, circulating Earth and Cosmic energies, separating out what is not yours, bringing in Gold suns and finally . . . plenty of amusement.

©Janno Õnneleid 2012

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3 thoughts on “MEI / core and pain pictures

  1. hello, how do you find MEI pictures on yourself if you are not a professional reader and want to clear? Do you just ask the pictures relating to a block you are having to show themselves on your screen or on your aura you are viewing clairvoyantly?
    thank you

  2. Hello,

    I would like to know how we can find and release MEI pictures by ourselves without doing readings to other people, since I don’t do many. Do we ask the MEI pictures that pertain to a block we have in our life (blocks to prosperity for instance) to show themselves in the reading screen or in the aura while we watch it clairvoyantly or can you suggest some other way?

    Thank you


    1. hello Antonella,

      Hope your Christmas was merry and warm 🙂

      Yes, that is exactly how you find your MEI pictures: you ask them to show in your aura / body / chakras. See how it looks and see if you are ready to move it out. Put up a % gauge from 1-100 and ask if you are ready to clear this. If you are ready – put it all into a rose and explode the rose. If you are not ready, see if you can loosen it up somehow or put up a rose for your ‘next step’ and go from there.


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