17 Sep

Keys to the kingdoms

This blog post is a continuation on the theme of ‘being psychic’.

There is a lot of talk about being psychic and the various abilities that we have, but everyone seems to have a different take on the subject.

Indeed – there are vastly different schools of thought.

There are the old school psychics and then there are the new school psychics. Old schoolers do not use the same psychic tools that I do. The tools I’m referring to are being used via visualization and are not external like Tarot cards, etc. I’ve been describing these tools here in my blog.

As a new school psychic I believe in things such as grounding, running Earth and Cosmic energies and separating out energy that is not mine. And yes – these are indeed ‘things’.

Psychic abilities come from the various energy centers (also called chakras or ‘keys to the kingdoms’, if you will) in the human energy system. While every chakra has some sort of a psychic ability associated with it, I will describe the most common abilities as follows.


Clairsentience: This is the ability to ‘feel into’. Consider the hippy phrase: ‘I feel you, man.’ It has to do with the person receiving information from around via their second chakra. It is a wonderful gift and highly developed in many, but also one that could easily get out of control. When a person has not learned to control their second chakra the result is that they will ‘sponge up’ any and all vibes flying around them! They will take on everybody else’s ‘stuff’. This is what I call being an ‘out of control reader / healer’ and it can be very uncomfortable indeed. As a new school psychic I discourage doing psychic readings primarily from the second chakra for the reasons described above. Also readings from the 2nd chakra can be clouded by both the reader’s and the readee’s personal wishes – info gained this way isn’t necessarily neutral, that is to say.

Empathy: Ability to ‘get’ others – associated with the 4th chakra. This ability might also be called clairaffinity. Affinity is the ability to tune into the vibes of others and to vibrate ‘in tune’ with them, so matching issues / pictures occur most readily here – a challenge to neutrality. Again a wonderful gift to have and absolutely essential in the bigger scheme of psychic reading, but reading only from this chakra can get you into trouble with discerning what belongs to you and what does not. (Hint: the 6th chakra helps with discerning.)

Clairaudience: Ability to hear clearly and associated with the 5th chakra (also ties in with the Ear chakras). This ability is also called telepathy – clearly hearing the thoughts of spiritual voices of others. While much accurate information can be gained reading this way, it is also too easy for a spirit guide with an agenda to latch on to your 5th and give you ‘colored’ information. Indeed – spirit guide status does not assume trustworthiness. It’s always a good idea to check any info gained here via your clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance: Ability to see clearly. This is the central / primary psychic reading ability that I use and is truly the most accurate means of receiving info. While spirit guides can affect us via clairaudience or the client’s own wishes can color the reading via clairsentience – no one can give false info via the 6th chakra! When you look at information as colors, symbols, objects, you will clearly see everything presented right in front of you. With practice your discerning ability evolves and you begin to be able to tell what it all means, but know this: nothing can be hidden from the clairvoyant eye! Also, looking at energy clairvoyantly is tremendously healing. You heal another when looking at them via your 6th chakra whether you are aware of it or not.

Claircognizance / mediumship: Ability to know / receive spiritual knowing via the 7th chakra. The phrase that describes this ability is: ‘off the top of my head’. People who read this way often say they do not how the received the info – somehow it ‘just came’ to them. Reading this way can mean a spirit guide cording into the reader’s 7th chakra (the safest way) or it can mean the spirit being actually entering the reader’s body via the 7th (not so safe). There are several terms for this: channeling, full-body channeling, transmediumship, trance mediumship / etc. This can mean briefly giving away space in your body to another being, an activity I personally prefer to keep at minimum and advise undertaking only under the guidance of an experienced mentor, who is well-versed in the psychic tools I mentioned previously.

Clairessence: A term I coined and is the 8th chakra ability. This is the ability that becomes activated when you start reading and doing energywork from your 8th chakra. There can be differing views on this, but the Aesclepion Healing Center teaches that upon entering the 8th chakra you split into three parts: you (the spirit), file clerk (the part of you that always stays in body) and akashic record keeper (the part of you that always remains out of body). You in the 8th chakra is your clairessence or your ‘clear being’. I mention this ability since accessing it is a powerful means of healing yourself and becoming ever more present in your life rather than escaping it.


So these are the primary and most common abilities associated with being psychic (plus an additional ability by me). Truly, being psychic means being sensitive to and aware of energy – you can be sensitive to energy through any chakra in your energy system, including the 1st and 3rd chakras and your hand and foot chakras. I did not include a description of the 1st and 3rd chakras, because those are more to do with managing and processing energy around your body rather than actually reading it.

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