31 Jul

Perfect pictures and affinity

We are constantly bombarded by the media with the perfect pictures of how we ‘should’ look.

Wherever we look various ads only sport the prettiest, tallest and thinnest models.

This may be even more pronounced at this time with the London Olympics underway where we see only the most statuesque, muscled and flawless bodies broadcasted via our TVs 24/7.

We are convinced that if we buy this or that product then we will be perfect or at least closer to it. This is, of course, to the advantage of the advertising companies who only want to sell their own products.

Here’s my playful idea: how about if we throw out the ideas about how we ‘should’ look and instead go right ahead and own our bodies for ourselves!

Yes, that’s right – we CAN own our bodies for ourselves.

Question is: do we have permission to do so? Have we been allowed by others in our lives to have space for ourselves, to be different. Do we give ourselves that permission to love our bodies just the way they are? All of these factors come into play.

What needs to be done is to have all other people’s ideas / pictures be cleared out of our bodies. If you ever look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, then you are not running your own 4th chakra info – your Affinity – through those parts of your body. Then there are also the 6th chakra perfect pictures, but that’s a story for another time . . .

The result of this is that you go unconscious in that area or in other words – out of body.

This can be remedied via clairvoyant healing.

A simple exercise I would suggest is that you stand in front of the mirror and allow any thoughts / feelings to come up about how your body looks. Observe what comes up, then pick one thing you don’t like and ask where did it come from? Who gave you the idea that your hair doesn’t look good? Who said you are too fat? Who unkindly judged you too short? Then visualize a rose and allow it to magnetize all those pictures out of your space, then just send it out to the Universe and explode it. Finally fill yourself up with the warmth and light of a Golden Sun – this is your own info / your essence . . . see it entering your body via your Crown chakra and fill you up all over, let it also radiate out into your aura.

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Photo: ‘Blue flower’ / google

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